International programs

The opportunity to study, research, teach, or serve abroad is an extremely valuable one, allowing personal as well as professional development. The College of Veterinary Medicine is an advocate for gaining an international perspective through international programs.

The vision of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine is to be an international leader in veterinary education, research, and service. In support of this vision, our mission is to promote participation in international programs through student opportunities abroad, faculty exchanges, post-doctoral training abroad, and education of international scientists. The College will be an advocate for the providing of international perspective though organized seminars and opportunities for sharing by those who have had international experiences.


Doing Your Homework

A list of questions you may want to consider before choosing your going abroad experience.

Preparing for your Experience

Helpful resource information for traveling abroad.

Personal Experiences

Find out about programs through the eyes of the traveler. Students provide information about their recent study abroad experiences.

International Students

Information and requirements for international students planning to visit the College of Veterinary Medicine.

International Veterinary Students' Association

Find out more about the IVSA.

Faculty and Staff

Information for faculty and staff regarding international experiences abroad, student requirements, and exchange agreements.