For CMB students

Program guidelines 

Comparative and Molecular Biosciences (CMB) students should refer to the CMB program guidelines for their admitted academic year which provide a comprehensive overview of the expectations and timelines for graduate students. 


There are several resources available to students located throughout the university. 

Fall 2021 new graduate student orientation literature review and other useful skills session

Student academic resources

Mental health and wellbeing


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International students

Graduate seminar course

The graduate seminar graduate course provides students with the opportunity to present their research work with their fellow students. Seminars are held on a weekly basis throughout the semester and a complete schedule can be found by visting the link below.

Spring 2023 Graduate Student Seminar schedule (pdf)

Course Registration

Course planning should be discussed with your advisor or director of graduate studies, as applicable. For questions relating to system or special permission procedures, please contact your graduate program coordinator. 

Additional resources relating to course registration:

Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS)

GPAS allows graduate students to plan future coursework and view degree progress. To ensure your degree course plan is on the right track, students must work with their Graduate Program Coordinator to obtain Program Advisory Committee (PAC) approval. Students should aim to complete this step by the end of their first spring semester. 

Please contact your graduate program coordinator for additional information. 

Thesis Examination Committee

Students in the MS and PhD program must have their thesis examination committee approved by the CMB PAC. Students must complete a program form and email the completed form to the appropriate program contact.
Requesting examination committee - PhD (doc)

Students must electronically submit their approved examination committee. You can find the appropriate form by clicking on “Step 4: Launch your electronic form to submit or update your examination committee assignment.”

Students will have to routinely meet with their thesis examination committee. Your examination committee chair will submit a thesis committee meeting summary form to detail your progress. Your graduate program coordinator will email you a copy of the report. Thesis committee meeting summary form

Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

Students should work with their advisors to develop a career plan to help define and pursue their career goals. Creating an IDP is a program requirement to prepare students in their post-academic career. Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

Preparing for Graduation

There are several degree completion steps required to graduate. Students should work with their advisor, thesis examination committee, and graduate program coordinator to verify the required steps needed to complete their degree. All required degree completion steps must be completed by the last business day of the month a student wishes to graduate. Students should contact their respective graduate program coordinator for further information. 

Additional resources relating to degree completion steps / graduation can be found by visiting: